The Samurai Game


samuraiThe Samurai Game® is a unique and highly challenging leadership and team building simulation. In the Game individuals and teams are called upon to exercise resourcefulness, decisiveness, honor, dignity, integrity, risk-taking, selfless service and personal commitment in a series of fast-moving, highly uncertain situations. Lance Giroux (Managing Director, Allied Ronin) administers the only official facilitator training & certification program worldwide for the simulation In this capacity he serves George Leonard who invented the Game, and The Leonard Trust, which owns the Game. Additionally, Mr. Giroux produces the Samurai Game® for companies, non-profits, and other organizations for leadership and team building purposes. Clients who have used him to facilitate the Samurai Game® include: The United Nations, Verizon Wireless, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking, AIESEC International, Lindora, Texas A&M University, the University of San Francisco, Oklahoma State University, Westminster College, the University of Nevada Las Vegas, the Organizational Behavior Teachers Society, and numerous other large and small organizations.

About The Samurai Game®

In this amazing experience, the Game’s opening invites each participant to cross a psychological boundary and step into the unfamiliar world of being a medieval Samurai warrior. Players form two teams (armies), that will face each other in a series of individual, one-on-one contests. Every match is symbolic, and while involving no significant physical contact, demands much in the way of commitment, focus, centeredness, personal integrity, and team support.

Throughout the contests participants are encouraged to summon forth their “warrior” spirit, gain personal control and focus, and act with courage and determination to prevail … or face defeat (symbolic death). At the same time, everyone is encouraged to engage opponents with the kind of respect, compassion, and honor usually displayed by life’s true champions.

The pace is fast. Tough decisions must be made quickly. The ever-changing environment simulates the intensity of actual combat. The Game models very well the forces of radical change. How will the individual and the organization respond: with warrior-like resourcefulness or with low engagement? In this way, the Samurai Game® presents a series of fascinating examples of how we choose to fully engage (or not) with the challenges in our workplaces and our lives, and to what degree are we willing act decisively and with integrity to get the results we need.

The formal completion phase of the Samurai Game® utilizes extensive large and small group Dialogue Processes that harvests individual and team realizations. This Dialogue Process gives individuals and organizations an extraordinary shared experience from which to develop new insights, actions and commitments for professional and personal success. The Dialogue can be tied directly to the main themes and objectives of an organization’s meeting to reap maximum business and human value.
Developed by the prolific human potential author and martial artist George Leonard, the Samurai Game® is a unique, and arguably one of the most intense learning experience that companies, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and individuals can participate in. You will be talking about it and making connections to it for years to come.

Program Size: 16 – 80
Program Length: 1 to 3 days

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