The Samurai Game® was invented, written, and first performed in 1977 by George Leonard, author, award-winning editor, musician, Aikido instructor and pioneer in the Human Potential movement. It is owned by The Leonard Family Trust ©1977GeorgeLeonard #TXu-1-626-797. International copyright secured. All rights reserved. Trade name “The Samurai Game” holds US Trademark Registration # 2,630,801.

This interactive simulation is considered by many to be the most unique, intense and challenging leadership and team building experiential learning program available anywhere. Tens of thousands of individuals from around the world have participated in it. Used in organizational and corporate trainings & retreats, university leadership/management and organizational behavior courses, school programs, and personal development seminars and workshops.

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Lance Giroux is considered the foremost expert on The Samurai Game®. George Leonard retained him in 2000 to oversee all facilitator training and certification and Samurai Game® policies and procedures worldwide.

Lance regularly produces and directs the simulation for corporate retreats, colleges and universities, middle and high schools, government agencies, training companies and non-profits.

In 2011, Grayson James joined Lance, and together they founded Samurai Game Associates, LLC. They operate a comprehensive facilitator training program attracting candidates from around the world.

Production requirements for The Samurai Game®
Length: A two or three-day program is preferable to allow for overnight periods of reflection as well as a robust debrief process.
Size: minimum 16, maximum 80
Attire: Very casual loose fitting clothing
Meeting space: Large enough for safe movement.
Logistics: Call for specifics.

The Art of Practice and The Organizational Dojo™ – An interactive learning program using principles of Aikido. It promises a refreshingly unique opportunity to enhance: influence, communication, leadership, follower-ship, teamwork, peak performance, and awareness – all important during times of challenge and change.
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For organizations seeking to: renew, rejuvenate, self reflect and create fresh perspectives for the individual and the organization.

The program is conducted in the spirit of Peter M. Senge’s, The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization. Nine fundamental principles of Aikido, a graceful Japanese martial art, are explored. Participants progress through a series of non-strenuous Aikido movements.

Lessons learned are easily transferred to relevant business and personal issues, referenced and recalled long after the training program is complete.

All movements are basic, conducted safely and with the participants’ existing physical capabilities.

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Participants engage through action, self-reflection and the Dialogue Method. They leave with an expanded and embodied understanding of leadership, partnership and teamwork, and how to enhance their capacity for each.The program is often co-facilitated by Susan Hammond. Lance and Susan have a combined history of over five decades working with individuals and organizations. They have a combined four plus decades using Aikido.

Attendees step beyond a traditional “western classroom” and into a dynamic classroom of supporting each other through action.

Production requirements
Length: One or two days, at discretion of client.
Size: 10 to 125+ participants
Attire: Very casual. Facilitators dress in traditional Aikido clothing
Meeting space: Large enough for safe movement.
Logistics: Facilitators arrive in advance to transform the space into stimulating and esthetically pleasing “dojo” environment. Call for specifics.

We emphasize: (1) teaching and leading are distinct from talking; (2) learning and following are distinct from listening; and (3) knowledge is distinct from information.

The Ronin Huddle – A retreat first offered to the public by Lance Giroux in 2003, hosted annually so that you can:

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• Rejuvenate in a relaxed environment away from day-to-day stresses;

• Reflect on core values; • Stimulate creativity and new perspectives on personal and work matters;

• Attend to what is meaningful in life;

• Engage in and build skills for meaningful Dialogue;

• Increase your capacity to accomplish more with less effort.

At The Ronin Huddle we slow the pace and integrate centered practices for increasing self-awareness, communication, leadership, teamwork, and capacities for effective action.  Daily activities focus on the interface between thought, physical action, feeling, health, relationship and results.

The Huddle opens with an afternoon reception, and ends four days later at breakfast. We take full advantage of 280 acres at Four Springs Retreat Center – a venue that enjoys a rich history dedicated to serving the human spirit. Four Springs is tucked into the foothills of Mount Saint Helena near Middletown, California – 85 miles north of San Francisco.

The Huddle is offered each winter – ideal for reflecting on the end of one year, and the beginning of another.

The 2016 Ronin Huddle – February 7-11
Sunday 5:00 pm to Thursday 10:00 am
FACILITATED BY: Lance Giroux & Susan Hammond

REGISTRATION on a first paid / first registered basis.

FEE Covers: Instruction, Lodging, Meals, Exclusive Use of Facilities.
Transportation IS NOT INCLUDED. Driving directions at

$2,200 individual full payment


$1,900 individual prior attendee full payment


$3,600 couples full payment


$500 individual deposit


$1,000 couples deposit

Other payment options:
(a) Pay by check to “Allied Ronin”, PO Box 931, Petaluma, California 94953;
(b) Request individual payment plan by calling 707-364-2900.

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– READING available at :
• “Slowing Down to the Speed of Life” (Richard Carlson & Joseph Bailey)
• “Mastery” (George Leonard)
– PRACTICE: Daily journaling

ATTIRE & WHAT TO BRING: Warm casual clothing, jeans, sweaters, rain gear, coats, boots, umbrella, journal, toiletries and any needed prescription medication or dietary supplements. 

THE SPIRIT OF THE HUDDLE: This Is A Retreat. You will step away from your day-to-day life to be present with yourself and the other attendees.

“The Japanese word ~ shibui ~ summarizes all the best in life, yet has no explanation and cannot be translated. A person is said to be ~ shibui ~ when she or he greatly contributes to others without doing anything to draw attention to self. The Ronin Huddle is VERY SHIBUI.” – D. Tagawa, DDS – Whittier, California

The Ronin Post™ – An e-publication to help you enhance your constructive practices for personal effectiveness, leadership, relationship, communication, teamwork, and peaceful resolution to conflict.

The Ronin Post™ is produced monthly and contributed to by The Allied Ronin.

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“Thought provoking and extremely rewarding. I attend the Huddle annually to keep myself firmly in touch with my principles and core values. I always leave refreshed.”

- Raymond Crawford, Senior VP,
Parsons Brinckerhoff
Washington DC


“The Japanese word SHIBUI summarizes all the best in life. It has no explanation and cannot be translated. A person is SHIBUI when she or he greatly contributes to others without doing anything to draw attention to self. The Ronin Huddle is VERY SHIBUI.”

- Derick Tagawa, DDS,
Whittier, California


"I brought Lance with The Samurai Game to our organization on two occasions. We deepened our bond as an effective company, we practiced making decisions under stress, we expanded our awareness of strengths we overlook in each other, we learned ways to practice loyalty without giving up our integrity, we expanded our creativity, and very importantly we strengthened leadership at all levels."

- Jeff Forster,
Former President/CEO
Pridemark Paramedics


"The Samurai Game revealed to me how much power I had given away to men over the course of my life. So much so that I now know and operate from the woman I am, which is more than powerful enough."

- Kim Mallas,
Loan Officer


"The Samurai Game gave me a great snapshot as to how I interact with others. I saw genuine goodness in people - so important to me because my work for many years had left me jaded, cynical and pessimistic."

- Andrew Patzer,
Police Sergeant, Retired
Las Vegas PD


“The Art of Practice & the Organizational Dojo led by Lance Giroux at the 2009 OBTC (College of Charleston hosting) was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had at one of these conferences. It provides a totally new way of seeing how knowledge and learning can be embodied and felt in the moment – and has enormous implications for how we see our roles as teachers and leaders.”

- Mark Kriger, PhD, Professor,
Norwegian School of Management BI
Oslo, Norway


“I have been thinking about The Samurai Game in the Netherlands with you. I still live this experience even though it has been so many years ago! I know that many people who played it feel the same. I owe you a big THANK YOU for that!”

- Marta Bruske,
Former President,

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