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Lance Giroux Lance Giroux is recognized internationally for excellence in leadership and effectiveness training and education. A graduate of West Point, Lance was recruited in the mid-1970’s by a large seminar organization, where he served for 18 years as an instructor, manager, executive and trustee.

In 1995, he founded Allied Ronin, a leadership training consultancy. Five years later George Leonard, author and human potential pioneer, retained him to serve the Leonard Family Trust administration efforts with their simulation, The Samurai Game®. That same year the University of San Francisco (USF) approached him to teach their core MBA leadership course and to design an intensive for-credit course for students, and open to faculty, administrators, alumni and leaders from public and private sectors. From there his programs and methods spread to numerous universities.

In 2013, Lance formed Samurai Game Associates (SGA) – a partnership with Grayson James of Petaluma, California. SGA continues to serve The Leonard Family Trust for the administration of The Samurai Game® worldwide, and for training and certifying persons to be able to facilitate the simulation.

Today Lance travels internationally to certify facilitators for The Samurai Game® and personally delivers that simulation himself. He delivers The Art of Practice And The Organizational Dojo™, tailored for organizational needs and delivers internationally; and he produces The Ronin Huddle, a retreat conducted in Northern California. He writes for and edits a monthly e-publication, The Ronin Post, and writes a blog.

He is available for design and delivery of leadership and effectiveness programs tailored to needs expressed by client organizations, and for speaking presentations and keynotes.

Lance holds second-degree black belt rank in Aikido, and trains regularly at Two Rock Aikido dojo, Petaluma, California.

Organizations Served
The United Nations Secretariat • US Navy NAVFAC Enghineering Command • AIESEC International • US Social Security Administration • Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco • Alcatel-Lucent MidEast Africa • Alcatel USA • Nokia • Verizon Wireless • Environmental Chemical Corporation • Event Network, Inc. • Walt Disney Company Mexico • Societe Generale Corporate Banking • Roche Corporation • Ingenes Instituto de Fertilidad y Genetica • Strategic Contrsutrion Management • Mahowald Insurance • Oceanit Labortories • Texas A& M • Oklahoma State University • Westminster College • Bond University • John F Kennedy University • Puyallup Tribe of Indians • Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria • City of Anaheim California • Strozzi Institute • Two Cranes Institute • Aiki Management • Upward Bound at East Stroudsburg University • Julia Morgan School for Girls • Bitney College Preparatory School • Brandeis Hillel School • The Works Partnership … and scores of others.

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Selected Writings For Immediate Download Here
• On Principled Leadership
• A Ronin Reflects On The Samurai Game
• Earth To Mom … Earth To Dad
• A Case For Long Term Purposeful Practice
• A Lesson From Gettysburg

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The Art of Practice

Other Writings Archived at www.AlliedRonin.blogspot.com

"The Art of Practice by Lance Giroux is a brilliant, useful and listener-friendly guide to the art of Mastery ... one that I highly recommend."
- George Leonard, author - Mastery, The Silent Pulse, The Way of Aikido - and award winning editor of Look Magazine


Lance Giroux designed and ran a highly interactive program - “The Art of Practice and The Event Network Dojo” - tailored for our annual corporate meeting with 125 senior executives and managers in attendance. It was outstanding! I recommend him and his work unconditionally.
- Larry Gilbert President and Co-Founder, Event Network, Inc.


Lance gets people to understand human influence, teamwork, service, and seeing things as others see them like no one else I know. We have repeatedly used him over the years for training our personnel at all levels. The outcomes: loyal customers and the lowest employee turnover that I know of in our industry - both extremely significant to our bottom line.
- Bertha Jane Turnipseed Founder & Owner, BJ's Enterprises


I called on Lance Giroux to design and execute a series of quarterly workshops to create the process of bringing my two companies to collaborate as one team – in short, having our people to work together rather than compete against each other.  The results: magnificent synergy, growth that became exponential, and profits beyond our expectations.
- Dean Welsh Former Owner & CEO, Developers Marketing Group and Developers Mortgage Group

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